R U OK? – Mental Health in Schools

Tips and Tricks

R u OK?

We ask our friends and families, but what about the people we spend most of our lives around? Our students and fellow staff members.

Here are some digital resources you can use in class or send home with your students.

Australian Story – Beyond OK

The extraordinary story behind R U OK? Day. After advertising executive Gavin Larkin started the suicide prevention movement, he found out he was anything but ok. Nine years on, his legacy continues to sustain his own family.

Image result for Australian Story - Beyond OK

Mental Health

Me and My Mental Illness


Insight – How is mental illness managed in the workplace

Image result for Insight - How is mental illness managed in the workplace

The Not So Secret Life Of The Manic Depressive – 10 Years On

Image result for The Not So Secret Life Of The Manic Depressive - 10 Years On

TalkAboutIt – Mental Illness (s03e01)

Image result for TalkAboutIt - Mental Illness

Behind The News Special – A Mental Health special

Image result for Behind The News Special - A Mental Health special

Larping Saved My Life

Image result for Larping Saved My Life

Cyber Bullying

Bullies – Cyber

Image result for Bullies - Cyber

Bullies – Workplace

Image result for Bullies - workplace

Bullies – School

Image result for Bullies - school

Cyberhate With Tara Moss Episode 5 Beating The Bullies

Image result for Cyberhate With Tara Moss Episode 5 Beating The Bullies

Bullied (Part 1 of 2)

Image result for bullied abc

Bullied – Chloe (s01e02)

Related image

For an Atom Lesson on this topic click Here


The Roy Files – Bullies (s01e02)

Image result for The Roy Files - Bullies (s01e02)

The Feed – Bully’s Deadly Toll

Image result for The Feed - Bully's Deadly Toll

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Reflections on how and why did TV4Education start!

Thoughts from the CEO

Here is a history lesson for all you content users. The history of TV4Education and how it all started.


About 7 years ago we had a library system called eLibrary. One of our biggest users put the question to us “why don’t we catalogue and stream “VEA content”?

Having never heard of streaming let alone “VEA Content” we decided to investigate on behalf of our user.

Our developers started investigating what needed to be done to stream multimedia content and I decided I would contact this company called “VEA” from country Victoria”.

Chasing VEA was a project in and of itself. We left numerous messages and letters putting forward our request and explaining how we would grow their user base by streaming their content from our library system (something that had never been done).

After persisting for 6 months, someone from VEA did answer my phone call. I remember the day and the phone call very well because of the response I got to my request.

I was told if no one responded to my calls and communications, I should be well aware that they were not interested in talking to me!

My shocked response was “my goodness, what a response, all you are doing is setting up a competitor”. Her response on the phone was “whatever, good luck” and she hung up!

 mrw post someone something rude GIF

The rest is history and www.tv4education.com was born about 24 months later after lots of development and even more discussions with our end users on how they would like to see the product develop.

www.tv4education.com is never standing still as we constantly keep talking to teachers, curriculum coordinators, and education professionals.

In a world where cost is escalating almost monthly, our cost to users are trending down as we continue to grow our subscriber base – and that’s in line with our business ethos that “education is a right and not a privilege”.



New shows coming this week 28th August

Newsletters, Video Highlights


Let’s take a look at what educational programs are on this week – rest assured that these programs will be available on TV4Education ad free shortly after they air on TV. (If they’re not already available).

Click here to see how easy it is to find and save the videos you want to use in the classroom.

Programs in Blue are from Free to air TV, Programs in Green are from Foxtel TV. All programs are available ad free to Australian Schools through TV4Education.



Diana – 20 Years On (History Channel)

20 years ago the world was devastated by the death of the “People’s Princess”, but her legacy lives on. [Classified PG]

*HOT TIP* Take a look at our other documentaries and movies about Diana’s life by searching for “Princess Diana”.
News & Documentaries | History | Humanitarian | Empathy | Monarchy | Media | Secondary | Influential People


Full Proof – Plastic (ABC3 Channel)

Mona lives in Amsterdam and is worried about the plastic waste in her city. She finds plastic bottles and bags in the parks, on the streets and floating in the canals. She wants to find out what plastic is and why it shouldn’t end up in the environment. So she starts to experiment. She melts plastic, she molds plastic, she makes a beautiful vase with plastic and she finds out how she can use plastic waste to stop the plastic problem in Amsterdam. [Classified G]

Science | Chemistry | STEM | Experiments | Secondary | Primary


History’s Secrets – Atomic Bomb (History Channel)

Especially in this tense political climate, you have to wonder, how are atomic bombs so accessible? [Classified PG]

News & Documentaries | History | Conflict | War | Science | Politics | Secondary


Australian Story – Cracking Up (ABC1 Channel)

Comedian Sami Shah and psychologist Ishma Alvi left behind turmoil in Pakistan to give their young daughter a better life in Australia. When they ended up in a small country town in Western Australia, it was not the dream they’d imagined. Ishma found work in a detention centre and unemployed Sami hit the comedy circuit, poking fun at his new town of Northam, rousing the ire of some residents. [Classified PG]

News & Documentaries | Modern Australia | Comedy | Inspirational | Cultural Understanding | Journalism| Interview | Human Interest | Secondary


Russia’s War: Blood Upon the Snow – The Cult Of Personality (s01e10) (History Channel)

Stalin’s game plan is particularly selfish at the end of World War II. [Classified M]

News & Documentaries | History | Secondary | War | Conflict | Secondary


Science Max: Experiments at Large (s01e09) (ABC3 Channel)

Phil gives himself super strength using the power of simple machines to move, lift and roll a machine he could barely budge otherwise. Plus, lift yourself with one finger and watch cavemen discover the wheel. [Classified G]

Science | Design | Biology| Experiments | History| Primary


Maiko – Dancing Child (Arts Channel)

Being a ballerina is one of the world’s most tough, competitive and painful jobs – but imagine starting a family at the same time. [Classified PG]

News & Documentaries | People & Culture |Arts | Dancing | Careers | Family | Stereotypes | Secondary | Performance Arts


Chemistry Challenges And Solutions – The Behaviour Of Atoms: Phases Of Matter And The Properties Of Gases (s01e02) (ABC3 Channel)

Fundamentally, chemistry is the science of interacting particles. This unit covers the properties of solids, liquids, and gases in terms of the behaviour of invisible particles of matter that interact at the atomic scale. [Classified G]

Science | Gases | Chemistry| Experiments | Atoms | Matter | Primary




Years of Living Dangerously – Uprising (s02e08) (National Geographic Channel)

America Ferrera meets activists in the US trying to shut down coal plants, while Sigourney Weaver investigates the impact that China’s pollution is having on the global environment. [Classified M]

News & Documentaries | People & Culture | Environmental Studies | Science | Climate Change | Global Warming | STEM | Secondary


The House With Annabel Crabb (s01e04) (ABC1 Channel)

Annabel steps into the intoxicating world of the Senate, presided over by Senate President Stephen Parry (a former cop and undertaker) and his Clerk Rosemary Laing, an expert in 17th-century British poetry. [Classified G]

News & Documentaries |Politics | Canberra | Australia | Australian History | Secondary


Soup Cans & Superstars (Arts Channel)

Alastair Sooke champions pop art as one of the most important art forms of the 20th-century, peeling back pops frothy, ironic surface to reveal an art style full of subversive wit and radical ideas. [Classified PG]

News & Documentaries | People & Culture | Arts | Secondary | Creativity


Catalyst – Closing In, The Hunt For Alien Life (ABC1 Channel)

Will we soon find evidence of alien life? Scientists are currently in the throes of an unprecedented search for ET – and an answer to this long-pondered question may come sooner than you think. [Classified G]

News & Documentaries |Science| Technologies | STEM| Space Science | Secondary


The Truth Behind – King Arthur (s01e05) (National Geographic Channel)

Camelot. The Round Table. Excalibur. Are these stories historical fact or ancient fiction? Experts debunk the tale of King Arthur, one of the world’s most popular and enduring legends. [Classified PG]

News & Documentaries | History | Iconic People| Secondary


The Handmaid’s Tale – Late (s01e03) (SBS Channel)

Offred visits Janine’s baby with Serena Joy and remembers the early days of the revolution before Gilead. Ofglen faces a difficult challenge. [Classified MA15+]

Drama |TV Series| Literature| Acting | Secondary


Dr Karl’s Outrageous Acts of Science (s01e10) (Discovery Channel)

Dr Karl Kruszelnicki uncovers the principles behind some mind-boggling experiments, extraordinary inventions and jaw dropping scientific stunts. [Classified PG]

| News & Documentaries | Science & Technology | Physics | Chemistry | STEM | Secondary




Starting Up, Starting Over (s01e04) (Lifestyle Channel)

Hani and Sarah are turning their backs on their comfortable suburban lives in South West London. The couple and their two young children move 100 miles up to the Malvern Hills. They are putting all their life savings into building their own Brewery to sell their own beer with no previous experience in the industry between them. [Classified PG]

Entertainment | Lifestyle & Documentaries | Jobs | Careers | Work Studies | Small Business | Business Studies | Marketing | Start Up | Secondary


Land Speed Heroes (s01e01) (Discovery Turbo Channel)

Get set for an action-packed hour as professional and amateur speed freaks try to set land speed records on Utah’s famous Bonneville Salt Flats. From hot rod-racing soccer mums to jaw-dropping streamliners and everything in between, get your kicks with these adrenaline junkies. [Classified PG]

News & Documentaries | Science & Technology | Technology | Design | Mechanics | Cars | STEM | Secondary




Enemy Of The Reich (History Channel)

In 1943, Noor Khan was recruited as a covert operative into Churchill’s Special Operations. Khan became the only radio operator linking the British to the French Resistance, co-ordinating the airdrop of weapons and rescue of agents. [Classified M]

News & Documentaries | History | Secondary


Rachel Hunter’s Tour Of Beauty – Hawaii (s02e05) (Lifestyle YOU Channel)

In Hawaii, Rachel learns that the Hawaiian secrets to health and beauty are intrinsically connected to nature. Oils, scrubs and flowers provide that Hawaiian glow. [Classified PG]

Entertainment | Lifestyle & Documentaries | Cultural Understanding | Mental Health | Health and PE | Self-Esteem | Self Care | Secondary




Brain Games – Animal Vs Human (s04e16) (National Geographic Channel)

It’s going to be heads versus tails as we pit humans against animals in a series of unique competitions. If you play along, you’ll find out how a bird can eat like a horse and how a chimp can make you look like a chump. [Classified PG]

News & Documentaries | Science & Technology | Science | Human Brain | The Human Body | Psychology | Secondary | Upper Primary


Graceful Girls (Arts Channel)

Primary school teacher Brianna Lee takes one last shot at fulfilling her lifelong dream, of winning Calisthenics’ most prestigious title, ‘Most Graceful Girl’. [Classified PG]

News & Documentaries | People & Culture | Arts | Performance Arts | Sports Training | Health and PE | Secondary | Upper Primary


My friends keep asking what project I have been working on?

Thoughts from the CEO

Just finalized and released SmartSuite CLOUD project this year – and proud of my amazing staff

At Functional Solutions International Pty Ltd, our core belief is that “Education is a right and not a privilege”.

Everything we do is predicated on this belief and hence to make sure no educational institution is disadvantaged because of financial constraints and any technology constraints.

No other hosting provider provides a more innovative, robust, cost effective FIXED cost hosting solution for educational institutions – guaranteed!

We built SmartSuite from the ground up to be an educational platform that would give any school a set of world class educational tools that would require: –

  1. Zero local IT support.
  2. Run on any current browser.
  3. Would be device independent.
  4. Would totally integrated not modularize to have escalating cost for implementation.
  5. A FIX affordable cost for all educational institutions with no hidden convenient extras.
  6. Unlimited CLOUD usage, storage, and accessibility.
  7. No penalties, no exclusions, no exceptions.
  8. One simple annual subscription cost for EVERYTHING including hosting.
  9. Definitely no Ransomware behavior on exiting the service by holding data.
  10. Comprehensive list of modules growing every month.
  11. Sophisticated Library Management.
  12. Incredible growing educational multimedia content library comprising over 150,000 curriculum records from day one growing by a minimum of 150 records a week.
  13. A digital delivery system.
  14. Digital lesson creation module that can build lessons from any number of parts of any number of multimedia records and digital objects.
  15. A classroom management system to manage the delivery and teaching of digital lessons.
  16. Work and integrate with any other digital system.
  17. Audit and track all digital activity of all students and staff.

Our feature and function list keep growing every month as institutions come on board and request additional functionality which is provided at no extra cost.

SmartLibrary CLOUD is the most innovative cost-effective product to hit the education space, ever!

We believe we have achieved our goal to bring World Class Educational CLOUD solutions to any educational institution without requiring “big budget expenditure” and delivering a CLOUD solution that far out rivals anything in the current market on functions and features.

As we keep saying “Education is a right and not a privilege”.

I am so proud of my team of what we have achieved and continue to achieve for education!


Free offers – traps to get your money!

Thoughts from the CEO

Some things I don’t understand like, x months free offers.

My old cynic self-says: –

 trap the princess bride christopher guest its a trap count rugen GIF

  1. any company giving away 6 months or 50% of their product for free is not traveling financially securely.
  2. If I have to sign ANYTHING to take a free offer, then it’s not free and worse somehow, I will get tied up with this company simply by signing.
  3. Like all free web offers am I being enticed by a trap to get caught later – been there and done that; never again.
  4. If the product is so good, why do you have to trap users by free give aways?
  5. If it’s free, why not disclose the TOTAL cost so I am better informed to make a decision to take on what is free.
  6. The reality is anything that’s free should have no strings attached otherwise it’s not free, so why ask me to sign or agree to anything?

Will we ever consider offering anything for free? Not really as I would never be able to cross off my own 6 points above.

Nothing in this commercial world is free, it’s usually just a con or worse still, a trap!

I once put my Gmail account on the web for 1 month and said ANY free offers send it here….

 help pen pineapple apple pen desi hacks retire GIF

Stupid me, I thought I would be able to then sell all this free stuff and retire, sadly I am still here working, and charging a fair price for a fair days work.

Michael – CEO




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Health Class – Growing Up


We will talk about mental health, alcohol abuse, cyber bullying, sexting etc.

Topics that we need to discuss that sometimes can be difficult to bring up.

These topics are for more senior students, please view the videos and use your discretion for appropriateness before showing the programs to your students.

Mental Health:

Felicity’s Mental Mission

Image result for Felicitys Mental Mission

The Not So Secret Life Of The Manic Depressive – 10 Years On

Image result for The Not So Secret Life Of The Manic Depressive - 10 Years On

Alcohol and Substance abuse:

Ask The Doctor – Alcohol (s01e05)

Image result for ask the doctor sbs

Is Binge Drinking That Bad

Image result for Is Binge Drinking That Bad

How Safe Are My Drugs

Image result for How Safe Are My Drugs

Best Of Four Corners Rehab Inc

Image result for Best Of Four Corners Rehab Inc

Cyber Bullying:

Cyberhate Wth Tara Moss – In The Beginning 

Image result for Cyberhate With Tara Moss - In The Beginning

Bullied (Part 1 of 2)

Image result for bullied abc


Revenge Porn

No Cover Found


One System, One Price

Tips and Tricks

What is SmartSuite?

SmartSuite is the newest product from Functional Solutions, we have provided Library Management systems for over 28 years and TV content from TV4Education for 7.

In that time we have continued to innovate our systems and forcing the market to become more competitive and customer focused. Working alongside teachers and Librarians has made the system fit perfectly into the way they use it every day.

Our core belief is that Education is a right, not a privilege.

Join our CEO as he talks about how TV4Education began.

In that short time, we have well over 100,000 educational videos requested by teachers within Australia (4x More than our closest competitor). Each and every video has had their ads removed. This was done right from the beginning so that we don’t add more work to your staffs’ already incredibly busy work load.

We also provide all channels from free to air and Foxtel, with unlimited daily requests. You want it? We will get it, we aren’t here to tell you what resources you should be using, we are here to support you to make sure you get what you need.

We also match the best of YouTube videos to the Australian curriculum so your staff doesn’t have to spend hours looking for that perfect video. We currently have over 45,000 videos for you to use.

If you still haven’t found what you are looking for, you can send us a request to have resources found for you and we will send them ready to use. So you can focus on all the aspects of work that come along with teaching.

We are really here to help.

Free Lessons:

Access hundreds of lessons ready to use from TV4Education and Atom Lessons, with the videos matched to them.

Lesson planning can be reduced by up to 90% by using the Smart Tools from SmartSuite.

The Dressmaker – ATOM Study Guide

Image result for the dressmaker


A topic that isn’t always considered when choosing a system.

Cost and Security.

Cost is a huge factor some hosting providers charge schools thousands a year. Here at Functional Solutions, we own our cloud. This means no hidden costs, all content from us is free to store in the system.

The second is security. Do you know where your data is stored and if it is safe? If your provider uses a cloud provider that stores data outside of Australia, you might be in breach of the rules from the Education Department. With more and more cyber attacks making sure your data is safe should be something you take into consideration.

Functional Solutions has the latest in security patches and firewalls to keep your data safe.

If you are unsure about what to look out for in the cloud you can read this post.


Library System:

The advanced features of the Library System within SmartSuite truly need to be seen. You can book in a demo at the bottom of this page & see how this will work for your school.




With the widget based system that is SmartSuite the system will continue to grow with the ever changing needs of schools. Allowing you to use the system in the way that works for you.

Other systems talk about Integration

– an act or instance of integrating an organization, place of business, school, etc.

Why do they integrate? Because they only offer one solution to the many that are essential to running your school. Using multiple companies means more training for staff, longer down times, greatly reduced efficiency switching between systems and all at a much higher cost.

The latest blog post from our CEO discusses these problems within the industry.

Ramblings of the CEO


Have a look at SmartSuite, we have been working with schools for as long as I have been alive (28 years is a long time for an I.T. company) and we have launched the best system we have ever made.

Have a look at what other schools are saying about SmartSuite.


Book in a demo, can you really afford not to?

Primary Schools Flat Fee $1750 + Gst & annual support

Secondary Schools with less than 500 students Flat Fee $1750 + Gst & annual support

Secondary Schools with more than 500 students Flat Fee $2750 + Gst & annual support