Bonjour! Hola! Konnichiwa!




Japanese is said to be one of the most difficult languages to learn for a native English speaker, but with these videos you can learn the basics and decide if Japanese is a language you would like to continue learning.

       JAPAN EASY – PAST TENSE                           JAPAN-EASY – MO

      JAPAN EASY – ADJECTIVES                          JAPAN-EASY – Verbs



Chinese is another difficult language to learn if you are a native English speaker but these shows can teach you a few words and phrases you can use if you ever visit China.

real chinese

Real Chinese (s01e01)

                 Real Chinese (s01e02)                    Real Chinese (s01e03)


Real Chinese (s01e04)



With English having a lot of French words it is said to be one of the easiest languages to learn as an Native English speaker.


Being French


Virtually There – France

german flag


German is a more challenging language to learn being on the second tier of languages. This should not dissuade you from learning it as it has some amazing words you can’t translate into any other language.


Virtually There – German

being german

Virtually There – Being German

spain flag


Spanish said to be closely related to English is on the easiest tier of languages to learn. With it’s widespread use in South America it is a great language to learn.


Being Spanish



The language of love is one of the easiest to learn by a native English speaker. There is only one way to find out why it holds this title.

la mappa

La Mappa – Who Are You (s01e01)

TV4Education has thousands of videos on Languages, to find a lesson on a topic and language you want to learn go to the search page log in and type in the language you want to learn.

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