Geographies of Well being


Year 10 Geography

Curriculum Code: Different ways of measuring and mapping human wellbeing and development, and how these can be applied to measure differences between places (ACHGK076)

Aim: Mapping Human Well being and development.

Preparing: Get students to talk about their country of birth, using the following list show it on the IWB and get them to rate each item for well being.

1) Material living standards (income, consumption and wealth)
2) Health
3) Education
4) Personal activities including work
5) Political voice and governance
6) Social connections and relationships
7) Environment (present and future conditions)
8) Insecurity, of an economic as well as physical nature.

Look up different countries of on the Human Development Index

Presenting: Start at 12:36 to 18:16

After watching the clip look up Rwanda on the Human Development Index and compare it to Australia.

Get students to compare two countries of their choosing, they can be of countries from students with other birth places or even from the same country and ask each other questions based on their rankings. Get them to create their own system of comparing countries and then explain how it works. From this they can make suggestions on how each place can be improved.

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