Creating Characters


Creating Characters
Year 5 English

Curriculum Code:
Create literary texts using realistic and fantasy settings and characters that
draw on the worlds represented in texts students have experienced

Students look at how characters in stories give impression by just looking at them.

⦁ Start clip at 22:14 till 24:15
⦁ Ask the students to point out who they think are the good people. And who are the bed people.
⦁ Discuss why we think this? what made us suspect each of these characters? Is this always the case in fantasy stories?

⦁ Students now look and play this online activity creating characters of their own. Looking at body shape, head size, clothes, facial expression and other items that contribute to a distinguish character design.
⦁ This activity can be completed individually or on the IWB as a whole class.
⦁ Link at bottom of lesson

⦁ After completing this activity students are asked to create their own characters. One as the villain and one as the good guy/girl. Ask them to draw funny creatures with different body shapes just like on the online activity which will help depict the good and bad guy.
⦁ Once finished get students to show their drawings and reasons behind the colours, facial expressions, body type etc.

Character markers – visual attributes

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