Using Fractions


Using Fractions
Year 3 Maths

Curriculum Code:

Model and represent unit fractions including 1/2, 1/4, 1/3, 1/5 and their multiples to a complete whole (ACMNA058)


Students use fractions for many different things.


– Prepare to use fractions by revising previously learnt fractions. Bring up different fractions on the IWB and ask students to name this faction. Click on the picture to show the fraction.

– Link: Fractions

– Discuss with students that fractions are equal parts of a whole. Show through pictures.

– Listen to the podcast from ‘What are fractions the Basics’


– Students look at a range of fractions, and how they are represented. They are ask to draw pictures to represent the fractions on the IWB. Link: Fractions

– Students are set the challenge to cut the paper plate into fifths. They will need to mark it out before cutting and show a teacher. They are then able to glue this into their book and colour a selected amount of fifths and write the fraction next to it. (eg: colour in 2 fifths and write 2/5)


– Cooking is a great way to teach fractions. If possible get the class together and cook some pizzas. Ask the students to prepare before they cook, by collecting the amount of people in the class, asking each student how many pieces and then tallying it all up in order to have enough pizza.

– Explain to students that a pizza normal comes in 8 slices and ask students to record the fraction for

each student in the class.

– Recording template have been linked: Pizza Day Recording Fractions.

There is also a great fractions game linked for students to play individually or it can be completed as a class.

It looks at larger fractions represented by smaller ones (eg: 4/8 = 2/4 = 1/2)

– Link: Fraction Monkeys


Fractions pptx.

Pizza Day Recording Fractions doc.

Faction Monkeys

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