Maths Factors


Curriculum Code:

Identify and describe factors and multiples of whole numbers and use them to solve problems (ACMNA098)



Students develop the concept of factors and use them to help solve problems.


– Introduce factors to the class. Ask students if they have learnt or know already what a factor is.

Accept answers.

– Show the link below about factors. Stop the clip after they explain a factor and make sure students understand. If not develop the idea on the IWB.

Maths Master – Factors


– Using the link below ask students to find the factors for the following numbers. Repeat 3 times, ask students to share their answers and explain why this is an answer (eg: answer mathematically)

– Link: Find these factors

– Divide students into groups of 2 to play a game using factors. Hand out the factor boards, counters and instruction sheets. Explain to the students how the game will work and then allow students to start their game.

– Link: Factor Fun for Fifth Graders – page 14, 15


– Ask students to complete the worksheet of factors to help with their learning. Help students who are struggling. Pair Factor lessons with lessons on multiples. Students who know their multiples will find factor easy.

– Link: Super Teacher worksheet – Finding Factors


Maths Master – Factors

Find these factors pptx – This file can be found in the Facebook group in the files section


Super Teacher worksheet – Finding Factors

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