Turning Water into a gas


Curriculum Code:

Solids, liquids and gases have different observable properties and behave in different ways (ACSSU077) Science involves testing predictions by gathering data and using evidence to develop explanations of events and phenomena (ACSHE081)


Widen students understanding of solids, liquids and gases.


– Discuss with students about the gases that are produced from water. Ask students a range of questions: What happens to the puddles left over after it’s rained? What happens to the water when we put wet washing on the line? Where does the water go that’s left in a container in the sun?

– Explain to the students that the water has turned into gases and gone into the air through evaporation.

– This gas is called Water Vapor. Give a few students a mirror and get them to breathe on the mirror around 8 – 10 times. This should result in seeing water vapor. We breathe out water vapor.


  • Click here – Changing the state of water, to show what happens to water at different temperatures.
  •  Experiment with the class. Have some ice cubs ready and ask 3 volunteers to come up
  • 1 Student: Cup the ice cube in their hands and breathe on it continually.
  •  2 Student: Place theirs in a container into the sun
  • 3 Student: Place theirs into a beaker and into a sink with hot water.

See which one wins first.

  •  Try turning 1 of the liquids into a solid and the other into steam.

1. Leave the water in the sun there and mark the level of the water. Watch it and mark when there is any changes.

2. The water in the beaker, mark the level of water and place it in the freezer.

Watch clip


  •  Get students to record their findings throughout the experiments onto the activity sheet.

Solid to liquid to Gas.


Changing the state of water

Solid to liquid to gas doc – This is found within the Facebook group in the Files section

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