Year 4 Science Rocks cycle


Curriculum Code:

Earth’s surface changes over time as a result of natural processes and human activity (ACSSU075)



Students learn the process of the rock cycle and help learn about the earth’s surface.


– Talk to the students about rocks. Ask students what the know about the rock cycle already? Place the words: ‘Igneous Rock’, ‘Sedimentary Rock’ and ‘Metamorphic Rock’. Ask students I the know much about these rocks. Ask students to listen for these names throughout the link below.

– Watch the clip about the rock cycle.

– Link: The Rock Cycle


– Get students into pairs and ask them to look up the 3 types of rock, using books, and internet allow them time to find information about these rocks and how they become what they are. Use the following website for a start or instruct students to only explore this website.

– Link: Interactive – Rock cycle

– Also ask students to compare the 3 types of rocks with each other.


– As the students develop their understanding of the different types of rock, ask them to construct the rock cycle drawing the process, and writing where each rock is formed and how it changes.

– Students can look and use the link below to help them develop their cycle.

– Link: BBC Bitesize – The rock cycle


The Rock Cycle

Interactive – Rock cycle

BBC Bitesize – The rock cycle

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