Suffixes – English Year 2


Curriculum Code:

Recognise common prefixes and suffixes and how they change a word’s meaning (ACELA1472)


Students explore suffices and how to apply them to sentence writing and reading.


– Discuss with students about a suffix. Explain to students that a suffix goes at the end of a word to change the meaning or purpose.

– Watch the clip about Suffixes.

– Go through the PowerPoint with students to learn more about suffixes. This can be found in the Facebook group


– Look through words with suffixes and see how the meaning or purpose has changed.

Write down the most common suffixes used: ‘ing’ & ‘ful’. Ask students in pairs to open up their dictionaries and look for words that have ‘ing’ or ‘ful’ at the end of them, write them down. Allot a time limit and get students to share their answers.



– Students can learn the meaning of each word as they change. Use the link below to cut out the cards and ask students to match them as pairs, by looking at the word and matching it with its new meaning.

– Link: Curriculum Corner – Suffixes and Meanings


Primary Resources PowerPoint- What is a Suffix? form:

Curriculum Corner – Suffixes and Meanings

Click to access suffixmatch.PDF

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