Ordering money values – Year 2 Maths


Curriculum Code:

Count and order small collections of Australian coins and notes according to their value (ACMNA034)


Students explore money and its value. They will order small collections of both notes and coins.


– Students look at money, from 5 cent coins to 100 dollar notes. Discuss with students which coin/note has the highest value? Which one has the lowest? Why?

– Write up the values of each coin in their place value. (eg: 5 dollars is written $5.00) Explain the need for a dollar sign and the decimal helps to tell us the different in dollars and cents.

– Link: Money Money Money this can be found here


– Have a range of money coins and notes available for students to play with. Ask them to get into pairs of groups of 3 and hand out a range of notes and coins. Ask the groups to place their notes and coins from the smallest amount to the greatest. Check each students work and then ask them to write and draw these into their maths books.


– Have students use the worksheet to cut out the different coins and place them into the correct spaces to order the values from least amount to the greatest amount.

– Link: Ordering Money Values

– Students can then work with money online and play a money game

– Link: Money Match


Money Money Money pptx.

Ordering Money Values doc.

Money Match

http://teaching.moneysmart.gov.au/resource-centre/teaching- resources/asic-money-match?yl=0&la=0&a=143&rt=0

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