Top 5 ways to make the most of TV4Education

Tips and Tricks

These tips can help you reduce your lesson planning time, find content for your class and make blended learning simple.


1. Making a request – Hundreds of TV shows air daily and whilst we do have the fastest growing database of Educational TV programs; which are all ready to go ad free, we do not get every program. You might have a program that is essential in the teaching of a lesson. To ensure you get those key elements make a request.

2. Using the search – TV4Education has 99,850 (as of april 24 2017) programs available to use in your class and over 45,000 curated YouTube videos, matched to the Australian Curriculum. Search here where you can search boy keyword, topic, title or curriculum code, for YouTube you can select YouTube global (all of YouTube or Curated which are Educational programs hand picked by our team or other teachers who have used them in their lessons.


3. The TV4Education Cloud – With no apps or plugins, you can get any program, any where 24/7. You can plan your lessons on the go or at home on any device. You can give your students a link to any appropriate program chosen by you and they can watch it in their own time.


4. Digital Lessons – Get Access to the daily growing myriad of lessons requested by teachers just like yourself. Search by title or curriculum code. Access here or you can visit the teacher tools website which also has new content added regularly.


5. Online Communities – Join the hundreds of teachers in the TV4Education groups. To find the one that suits you best or to sign up now, click on the following.

Videos for Science, Technology & Health Teachers

Video Lessons for Maths teachers

Videos for your Arts & English classes

Videos for Humanities & Social Studies teachers

Videos for Language & Geography teachers


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