School in the olden days


Curriculum Code:

ONE important example of change and ONE important example of continuity over time in the local community, region or state/territory; for example, in relation to the areas of transport, work, education, natural and built environments, entertainment, daily life (ACHHK061)


Students develop their knowledge of school from the olden days.


– Ask students what they think school would have been like long ago? Ask students to describe their thoughts. Look at the pictures In the Olden School PPT  in the files section and ask students what they see.

– Watch the Clip  about school in the olden days from BTN.

Video Clip School in the 1940s




– Ask students to write down differences from school in the olden days to school today.


– Have the students explore the different children in the olden days, what they look like and ate.

– Structure a day for students to dress up and experience the life of an olden day classroom.

– Arrange a series of activities and games for the students to experience school in the olden days.



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