Quotation Marks – Year 4 English



Curriculum Code:

Recognise how quotation marks are used in texts to signal dialogue, titles and quoted (direct) speech (ACELA1492)


Students gain knowledge about quotation marks, what they represent and how to use them in writing.


– Bring up the link below and ask students what are these marks in front and at the end of this sentence? Ask students if they know what they represent? Explain to students that these little lines are called quotation marks and they show us that someone is speaking in a story.


– Know explain to students that we always have to have a comma before the quote. Ask a students to come and draw with the comma should go?

– Watch this song about quotation marks with the students.



– Show the following speech on the IWB and ask students with what they just learnt to place the quotation marks in the correct place.

– Link: Quotation Marks Activity

– Then ask students to place the commas where they belong.

– Watch the clip to see if they got it right.


– Students can now practice using quotation marks by completing these worksheets. Some are linked below.

– Link: Primary Resources – Speech Marks Worksheets

– Online games are a great way to continue students learning. Below are some online games for quotation marks.

Quotation Mark Games


Quotation Mark Games


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