Solar System – Year 5 Science


Curriculum Code:

The Earth is part of a system of planets orbiting around a star (the sun) (ACSSU078)




Enlarge students understanding of The Sun and our Solar system.


– Have a look at our solar system. Ask students to name various items of the solar system, each planet, the biggest star, the moon etc.

– Watch the video about ‘The Sun’.


– Have a look at the distances between the sun and all the planets. Use IWB activity to help view this and discuss with students.

– As a class re-create the solar systems using play  doh.

Link: Play Doh Solar System.


– While students are making the model solar system get them to move the play doh around the sun (an object of choice) just as the planets spin around the sun in orbit. *This is call Revolution*

– Once this has been completed once tell the students to do this again however each planet rotates itself while also spinning around the sun. *This is call Rotation

– Explain to students it takes 1 day for the earth to rotate fully and 1 year for the earth to travel around the sun.


If you have time you can Watch clip about different solar systems


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