What is Blended Learning?

Tips and Tricks

New teaching terms come out all the time, with the speed with the world is changing knowing new teaching styles and techniques will ensure our students get a education comparable to others around the world.

So what is this blended learning?

Well it isn’t that but we thought the video was pretty cool.

Blended lessons are classes where a portion of the traditional face-to-face instruction is replaced by web-based online learning. For example using a video to explain a topic

Like gravity…..


In the hyper digital world that we live in studies have shown the benefits of using digital media in your lessons. This gives students of all learning styles a way to grasp the idea in a way in which relates to them. Online games, collaboration, virtually unlimited resources make learning easier. But this also brings up another problem which is that student’s can be searching forever to find what they are looking for.

That’s why Blended learning is so essential today. In a google everything world students need to be guided to the best quality content.

TV4Education at the time that this article was written (May 2017) has over 100,000 educational videos requested by teachers in the last 6 years. Making us the largest provider of digital content in Australia. Over 4 times more content than our closest competitor and with the new Smart Suite system you can search from as many educational resources as you want in one screen eliminating the need for dozens of tabs.

Implementing blended learning in your school is a great idea! It helps everyone and with the smart tools from Functional Solutions you can cut your lesson planning time in half or more. Have lessons prepared for you like these. Request any program from free to air or Foxtel and have it delivered within 24 hours add free. Join the others making the switch.



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