Introducing SmartSuite Interview Series

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SmartSuite has an array of new and unique features which grow and evolve with your needs and within that of your school. Join us as we talk to industry leaders about their thoughts about the new system.

How did TV4Education begin?

The CEO Michael Fernandez tells us about the origin story of TV4Education and how it grew to the largest Educational Multimedia Provider in just 7 years. (Watch time 1:44)


Next, we are joined by James Dickinson from Screenrights.

Now if you do not know what Screenrights is this interview tells you why every school should and practically does have it. (Watch time 1:54)


So what exactly is SmartSuite? (Watch Time 3:24)

Here is a quick start up guide on some of the features you will find on it.

We speak to Jan Macnamara from John Paul College about her role as Director of ICT and her thoughts on how Digital Content is Changing Education. (Watch Time 1:43)

We are joined once again by our CEO who talks about how teachers benefit from and react to learning they have access to every channel available on Australian Television including all Foxtel. (Watch time 2:09)

Charles and Quentin discuss the benefits of current customers being activated on the system and all the features you could be missing out on. (Watch Time 5:00)

Jan Macnamara discusses Her preference of Cloud Vs Local and her thoughts on SmartSuite. (Watch Time 3:05)

And finally, the promises of our company going forward from our CEO (watch Time 2:09)

If you want to see all the new videos and want to know when we have an upcoming webinar session make sure you subscribe to the channel. We also release video tutorials of how to use and customize the system to work for you on a personal level and that of the school.

Now if you aren’t activated you won’t get those features so make sure you do.

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