Why we will never discount

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Strange huh? A company who tells you that they will never discount and we stand behind that 100%

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Our core principles are that all students deserve an education and therefore the price for our services are the most competitive in the market, so there will never be a need to.

We all love discounts and special offers, but how much do discounts actually cost us?


The biggest question is How will the recoup their lost revenue?

  • By charging me more next year?
  • Having some dodgy unethical fine print such as vendor lock-in?
  • Signing me up for 1 year but then bill me for 3 at a higher rate?
  • Have they been overcharging me for years?
  • Will they overcharge me in the future?
  • Am I getting a stripped down basic service?

All of these sales tactics have been used to target schools in Australia.


So how can we keep our prices so competitive and what is in the fine print of our contract?

We have no fine print or sales tactics, but this is what we do to keep our prices competitive.

  1. Spending money on improving our system not expensive marketing. Look at our SmartSuite system. A mix of artificial intelligence, weighted searching, multimedia and a myriad of lessons.
  2. Australian Owned and Operated – We don’t have a large overseas company siphoning off as much money as they can. We have a talented Australian Team.
  3. Every video on the system is ad-free – We don’t have to all of a sudden employ extra staff to edit videos after years of getting our clients to do the hard work for us.
  4. Small sales team – Our product sells itself.
  5. We own our own cloud, this means we are not paying for expensive storage and then passing this onto our customers.

Our service includes the largest collection of educational videos in Australia; over 100,000. A new state of the art widget-based system that allows you use the system your way.

Hundreds of lessons ready to use with multimedia to match. Teacher, student, and parent collaboration tools.

Give us a call now and find out if SmartSuite will fit into your school


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