8 Groundhog Day Moments That Pretty Much Sum Up term 3

Tips and Tricks

giphy (31)

Term 3 – Looks familiar

Going over topics you have already covered.

giphy (30)

When you have set up your classroom ready for the term and it starts getting messy.

giphy (32)

When your students begin to show interest.

giphy (29)

And then you mention the upcoming tests.

giphy (25)

When you can’t hang out on the weekends because you have to spend them grading.

giphy (28)

When a student you have been working with finally “get’s it”

giphy (26)

And your students complain about the upcoming tests.


But eventually it all comes together and it was worth the journey and hard work because they say thank you for everything.

giphy (24)

Never seen the movie? You can watch it here


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