Ramblings of the CEO

Thoughts from the CEO

Things I just don’t understand in the education space and probably never will!

  1. Why run an education system to prepare our youth for the workforce and on the other hand shut down Australian industry by using foreign products in the education process? It just does not make any sense! Image result for made in china label
  2. Why not just have a simple “We only buy Australian” policy.Image result for australian made
  3. Why whinge and whine about low wages, but use foreign products and services; sending Australian currency overseas and worse still diminish our tax collection base from which we build our education budgets! It’s madness.Image result for sending money overseas
  4. Why whine about shrinking education budgets at schools when schools are locking themselves into multi years contracts for products and services that are becoming cheaper almost every month? baby money cash make it rain little rascals GIF
  5. We teach students to “question everything” but when it comes to school purchases, it’s just the opposite; we believe all the marketing and professional presentations and question nothing? robert downey jr iron man question excellent question GIF
  6. What’s happened to common sense and openness? What’s wrong in asking all your suppliers to provide product comparison grids (so you can build your own). Or is it we are not after the best, we just want what we want because it’s familiar and learning something new is hard work!Image result for comparing a business

Are we doing the best for our school, our students, our community and our country or are we just occupying till retirement simply because no one else cares and it’s easy?

When I go to bed at night I always asked myself, did I make a difference in this world today and if there was a God, would He be happy with me?

I have three children and one grandson (I hope there will be plenty more), I want to make sure my legacy will be around for them and all the others on this earth long after I and my family turn to dust!


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