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What is SmartSuite?

SmartSuite is the newest product from Functional Solutions, we have provided Library Management systems for over 28 years and TV content from TV4Education for 7.

In that time we have continued to innovate our systems and forcing the market to become more competitive and customer focused. Working alongside teachers and Librarians has made the system fit perfectly into the way they use it every day.

Our core belief is that Education is a right, not a privilege.

Join our CEO as he talks about how TV4Education began.

In that short time, we have well over 100,000 educational videos requested by teachers within Australia (4x More than our closest competitor). Each and every video has had their ads removed. This was done right from the beginning so that we don’t add more work to your staffs’ already incredibly busy work load.

We also provide all channels from free to air and Foxtel, with unlimited daily requests. You want it? We will get it, we aren’t here to tell you what resources you should be using, we are here to support you to make sure you get what you need.

We also match the best of YouTube videos to the Australian curriculum so your staff doesn’t have to spend hours looking for that perfect video. We currently have over 45,000 videos for you to use.

If you still haven’t found what you are looking for, you can send us a request to have resources found for you and we will send them ready to use. So you can focus on all the aspects of work that come along with teaching.

We are really here to help.

Free Lessons:

Access hundreds of lessons ready to use from TV4Education and Atom Lessons, with the videos matched to them.

Lesson planning can be reduced by up to 90% by using the Smart Tools from SmartSuite.

The Dressmaker – ATOM Study Guide

Image result for the dressmaker


A topic that isn’t always considered when choosing a system.

Cost and Security.

Cost is a huge factor some hosting providers charge schools thousands a year. Here at Functional Solutions, we own our cloud. This means no hidden costs, all content from us is free to store in the system.

The second is security. Do you know where your data is stored and if it is safe? If your provider uses a cloud provider that stores data outside of Australia, you might be in breach of the rules from the Education Department. With more and more cyber attacks making sure your data is safe should be something you take into consideration.

Functional Solutions has the latest in security patches and firewalls to keep your data safe.

If you are unsure about what to look out for in the cloud you can read this post.


Library System:

The advanced features of the Library System within SmartSuite truly need to be seen. You can book in a demo at the bottom of this page & see how this will work for your school.




With the widget based system that is SmartSuite the system will continue to grow with the ever changing needs of schools. Allowing you to use the system in the way that works for you.

Other systems talk about Integration

– an act or instance of integrating an organization, place of business, school, etc.

Why do they integrate? Because they only offer one solution to the many that are essential to running your school. Using multiple companies means more training for staff, longer down times, greatly reduced efficiency switching between systems and all at a much higher cost.

The latest blog post from our CEO discusses these problems within the industry.

Ramblings of the CEO


Have a look at SmartSuite, we have been working with schools for as long as I have been alive (28 years is a long time for an I.T. company) and we have launched the best system we have ever made.

Have a look at what other schools are saying about SmartSuite.


Book in a demo, can you really afford not to?

Primary Schools Flat Fee $1750 + Gst & annual support

Secondary Schools with less than 500 students Flat Fee $1750 + Gst & annual support

Secondary Schools with more than 500 students Flat Fee $2750 + Gst & annual support

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