Free offers – traps to get your money!

Thoughts from the CEO

Some things I don’t understand like, x months free offers.

My old cynic self-says: –

 trap the princess bride christopher guest its a trap count rugen GIF

  1. any company giving away 6 months or 50% of their product for free is not traveling financially securely.
  2. If I have to sign ANYTHING to take a free offer, then it’s not free and worse somehow, I will get tied up with this company simply by signing.
  3. Like all free web offers am I being enticed by a trap to get caught later – been there and done that; never again.
  4. If the product is so good, why do you have to trap users by free give aways?
  5. If it’s free, why not disclose the TOTAL cost so I am better informed to make a decision to take on what is free.
  6. The reality is anything that’s free should have no strings attached otherwise it’s not free, so why ask me to sign or agree to anything?

Will we ever consider offering anything for free? Not really as I would never be able to cross off my own 6 points above.

Nothing in this commercial world is free, it’s usually just a con or worse still, a trap!

I once put my Gmail account on the web for 1 month and said ANY free offers send it here….

 help pen pineapple apple pen desi hacks retire GIF

Stupid me, I thought I would be able to then sell all this free stuff and retire, sadly I am still here working, and charging a fair price for a fair days work.

Michael – CEO



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