My friends keep asking what project I have been working on?

Thoughts from the CEO

Just finalized and released SmartSuite CLOUD project this year – and proud of my amazing staff

At Functional Solutions International Pty Ltd, our core belief is that “Education is a right and not a privilege”.

Everything we do is predicated on this belief and hence to make sure no educational institution is disadvantaged because of financial constraints and any technology constraints.

No other hosting provider provides a more innovative, robust, cost effective FIXED cost hosting solution for educational institutions – guaranteed!

We built SmartSuite from the ground up to be an educational platform that would give any school a set of world class educational tools that would require: –

  1. Zero local IT support.
  2. Run on any current browser.
  3. Would be device independent.
  4. Would totally integrated not modularize to have escalating cost for implementation.
  5. A FIX affordable cost for all educational institutions with no hidden convenient extras.
  6. Unlimited CLOUD usage, storage, and accessibility.
  7. No penalties, no exclusions, no exceptions.
  8. One simple annual subscription cost for EVERYTHING including hosting.
  9. Definitely no Ransomware behavior on exiting the service by holding data.
  10. Comprehensive list of modules growing every month.
  11. Sophisticated Library Management.
  12. Incredible growing educational multimedia content library comprising over 150,000 curriculum records from day one growing by a minimum of 150 records a week.
  13. A digital delivery system.
  14. Digital lesson creation module that can build lessons from any number of parts of any number of multimedia records and digital objects.
  15. A classroom management system to manage the delivery and teaching of digital lessons.
  16. Work and integrate with any other digital system.
  17. Audit and track all digital activity of all students and staff.

Our feature and function list keep growing every month as institutions come on board and request additional functionality which is provided at no extra cost.

SmartLibrary CLOUD is the most innovative cost-effective product to hit the education space, ever!

We believe we have achieved our goal to bring World Class Educational CLOUD solutions to any educational institution without requiring “big budget expenditure” and delivering a CLOUD solution that far out rivals anything in the current market on functions and features.

As we keep saying “Education is a right and not a privilege”.

I am so proud of my team of what we have achieved and continue to achieve for education!


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