Integrity at work and at home, does it really matter?


I have always taught my kids to let your “yes” be yes and your “no” be no.

Integrity is about doing, saying and standing up for the right thing.

It goes to the core value of what relationship and community are built on.

I get dismayed by claims made in the marketplace by companies about their services and products which is clearly made to deceive to obtain the sale at any cost.

giphy (1)

Does it really matter what is said, done and promised as long as the company continues to be viable and families of the employees have a roof over their head and food is on the table?

Integrity is an old fashion value that seems to be going out of style and demand.

A good example is the current Banking enquiry, The Enron oil leak, The Bitcoin marketplace.

When we lose integrity, we lose society and unfortunately it is not us but the generations that come after us that pay the price!

I believe it does matter and we all need to make a stand especially for the legacy we leave for those that come after us who have no say in the matter!

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