Keeping up with the Jones, Smiths, Johnsons and everyone else!


Why ?

Who was the nut that started this gig of competitive social behavior that belittles everyone and amazingly no one wins ( except just the suppliers )!

I am told its good to have something to strive for and strive to achieve.

The principal is great BUT who decides what and who the Jones are and why do we have to keep up with them anyway.

I have a friend who I will call my Jones. But was mortified to learn he will be losing his house and marriage because of debt. He was the picture of success and now so sad that internally he kept borrowing to keep up the façade.

Suppliers bait prospects with slogans like “everyone else is converting”,  “all the other schools have already installed” etc.

Generally, we never ever investigate these claims until after we commit only to find out it was misleading.

In any event, so what if everyone else ……

We are all created as individuals so let’s celebrate that.

The next time you hear “everyone else is ……”let us just take the time to stand still and say with genuine heartfelt honesty; “good on them” and be happy for them and save your money!

We define society, let not society define us.

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