What an opportunity!


Today I received 4 emails promising exclusive amazing opportunities to run a seminar for the education sector at some so-called big gig in NSW.

Yesterday I received 2 emails from the same mob inviting me to attend an amazing seminar in NSW by talented presenters.

Their email campaign for attendees and sponsors is relentless for at least six months of the year.

I did some mental maths of their entrance fees based on last years attendance plus sponsorship cost based on this years asking fees and I can’t help begging the questions: –

  1. Given the fees paid to presenters, was the information provided bought and therefore irrelevant because authoritative voices were excluded?
  2. Given the size of the sponsorship fees, were products and services promoted a true reflection of innovation or was it rather products and services of the financial elite.

What an opportunity, YES. But for who?

Is it really about education?

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