A volcano is a rupture in the crust of a planetary-mass object, such as Earth, that allows hot lava, volcanic ash, and gases to escape from a magma chamber below the surface.

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Seconds From Disaster Mount St Helens

The unexpected eruption of Mount Saint Helens after years of inactivity.

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Dangerous Earth – Volcano (s01e02)

In the heart of Africa, deep in the Congo, are some of the most spectacular volcanoes on Earth. They threaten the lives of more than a million people, in a region already left desolate by hundreds of years of colonisation.

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Space Volcanoes

From the ice volcanoes of Jupiter’s frigid moons to ancient Martian super-volcanoes, this documentary goes under icy thermal vents that could harbour life beyond the Earth and visit some of the most spectacular vistas ever imagined.

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How to Build a Volcano

In an epic and ambitious quest for answers, a team of British, Canadian and American volcanologists are teaming up to carry out a breath- taking experiment, the sheer scale of which has never before been attempted. With the help of a Hollywood crew, they are going to design and build a carefully scaled 4 storeys high volcano – then, in a series of spectacular eruptions they’ll use the model to test cutting-edge scientific theories.


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Volatile Earth – Killer Volcanoes (S01e01)

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