The #mprraccoon – Empathy


Today the world heard about a raccoon who decided to climb up rather than down a very tall building. It caused many people to fear for the safety of an animal sometimes called a pest.

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Before we get into the topic of empathy here are some great videos of Raccoons to show you a bit more about them.

What is Empathy?

The ability to understand and share the feelings of another. Not many have scaled a building, but we all know how scared this cute animal must be. You can see it in his face.

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The Mindfulness Tool Kit – Empathy (s01e02)

What is Empathy and how can we use our brains to practice it? It’s called ‘Prefrontal Power!’ and it helps us to see life from someone else’s perspective.

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Ethics Matters – Consequences

Interviewees Peter Singer and Caroline West explore consequentialism and ask would you, could you kill to save others?

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Ethics Matters – Animals

Interviewees Peter Singer, Bronwyn Finnigan and Julian Savulescu ask if animals have the same interests as humans and how we should ethically treat them.

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Behind The News Specials – Animal Ethics

This BtN Special looks at the moral issues around keeping animals. Should tourists be riding elephants and patting tigers if the animals aren’t being treated well? And should pets only come from certain breeders and not pet shops?

We hope the MPR Raccoon gets back down safely and enjoys the rest of his natural life.

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