The Last White Rhino


Today marks the death of the very last male white rhino leaving only 2 females left.

Stephen Fry visited in 2010 Last Chance to See Northern White Rhino they still had hopes of saving the species, will reproduction technology bring this wonderful animal back to life?

Today we show videos of other Rhinos in their natural habitats.

Operation Sumatran Rhino

In Borneo, Sumatran rhinos’ numbers are down to just single digits. Conservationists are on a desperate mission to save the country’s last individuals.

Image result for sumatran rhino

Image result for sumatran rhino

Search for rare ‘unicorn’ rhino

Image result for nepalese rhino

Earthrise – Rhino Horns

Related image

Saving Africa’s Elephants – The Ivory War

The illegal wildlife trade is a $20 billion dollar industry, exceeded only by the illegal trades in drugs, weapons and people. Elephants & rhinos are at the centre of this nightmare.

Image result for Saving Africa's Elephants - The Ivory War



Politics for Kids – The Same-Sex Survey Vote


democracy is a form of government in which the people, either directly or indirectly, take part in governing. The word democracy originates from Greek, and means rule of the people.

Untitled design.jpg

The people who took part in the survey 61.6% of people said yes and 38.4% said no.

Out of all the people who can vote only 78% decided to take part.

Untitled design (1).jpg

When you become 18, you too will be allowed to decide what laws and who should govern the country.

Watch this behind the news clip that discusses the history of voting.

Image result for behind the news voting

Behind The News – The History of Voting

Now what is the difference between a survey and referendum:

A survey gives everyone the chance to have their say on a topic, you might get asked to do a survey on your favorite ice cream flavor or which subject you like the most at school.

A Referendum is when the citizens of a country get to decide what laws they want to be passed in their country and under a democracy, they are who really decides what happens.

With the Vote on Same-Sex Marriage survey, everyone got to express their opinion but it was not legally binding – This means it is still not allowed. By sending out a survey and not a referendum nothing will change until it is passed into law through a different process. This can take days, weeks or even years to do so.


Year 9 Geography – Biomes

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Requested – I need content for Year 9 Geography on Biomes

Australian Biomes


Image result for australian snakes

Nature’s Microworlds – Australia’s Red Centre

Image result for Australia's Red Centre

Nature’s Microworlds – Great Barrier Reef

Image result for Great Barrier Reef

The Human MicroBiome

Ask The Doctor Gut (s01e09)

Image result for the Gut

Biomes from around the earth


Image result for europe's great wilderness



Planet Earth II – Cities

Image result for Planet Earth II - Cities

Planet Earth II – Jungle

Image result for Planet Earth II - Jungle

Scope – Hydro Habitats

Image result for water Habitats

Nature’s Microworlds – Deep Sea

Image result for deep sea fish

Nature’s Microworlds – Yellowstone

Image result for yellowstone

Nature’s Microworlds – Namib Desert

Image result for namib desert


New shows coming this week 28th August

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Let’s take a look at what educational programs are on this week – rest assured that these programs will be available on TV4Education ad free shortly after they air on TV. (If they’re not already available).

Click here to see how easy it is to find and save the videos you want to use in the classroom.

Programs in Blue are from Free to air TV, Programs in Green are from Foxtel TV. All programs are available ad free to Australian Schools through TV4Education.



Diana – 20 Years On (History Channel)

20 years ago the world was devastated by the death of the “People’s Princess”, but her legacy lives on. [Classified PG]

*HOT TIP* Take a look at our other documentaries and movies about Diana’s life by searching for “Princess Diana”.
News & Documentaries | History | Humanitarian | Empathy | Monarchy | Media | Secondary | Influential People


Full Proof – Plastic (ABC3 Channel)

Mona lives in Amsterdam and is worried about the plastic waste in her city. She finds plastic bottles and bags in the parks, on the streets and floating in the canals. She wants to find out what plastic is and why it shouldn’t end up in the environment. So she starts to experiment. She melts plastic, she molds plastic, she makes a beautiful vase with plastic and she finds out how she can use plastic waste to stop the plastic problem in Amsterdam. [Classified G]

Science | Chemistry | STEM | Experiments | Secondary | Primary


History’s Secrets – Atomic Bomb (History Channel)

Especially in this tense political climate, you have to wonder, how are atomic bombs so accessible? [Classified PG]

News & Documentaries | History | Conflict | War | Science | Politics | Secondary


Australian Story – Cracking Up (ABC1 Channel)

Comedian Sami Shah and psychologist Ishma Alvi left behind turmoil in Pakistan to give their young daughter a better life in Australia. When they ended up in a small country town in Western Australia, it was not the dream they’d imagined. Ishma found work in a detention centre and unemployed Sami hit the comedy circuit, poking fun at his new town of Northam, rousing the ire of some residents. [Classified PG]

News & Documentaries | Modern Australia | Comedy | Inspirational | Cultural Understanding | Journalism| Interview | Human Interest | Secondary


Russia’s War: Blood Upon the Snow – The Cult Of Personality (s01e10) (History Channel)

Stalin’s game plan is particularly selfish at the end of World War II. [Classified M]

News & Documentaries | History | Secondary | War | Conflict | Secondary


Science Max: Experiments at Large (s01e09) (ABC3 Channel)

Phil gives himself super strength using the power of simple machines to move, lift and roll a machine he could barely budge otherwise. Plus, lift yourself with one finger and watch cavemen discover the wheel. [Classified G]

Science | Design | Biology| Experiments | History| Primary


Maiko – Dancing Child (Arts Channel)

Being a ballerina is one of the world’s most tough, competitive and painful jobs – but imagine starting a family at the same time. [Classified PG]

News & Documentaries | People & Culture |Arts | Dancing | Careers | Family | Stereotypes | Secondary | Performance Arts


Chemistry Challenges And Solutions – The Behaviour Of Atoms: Phases Of Matter And The Properties Of Gases (s01e02) (ABC3 Channel)

Fundamentally, chemistry is the science of interacting particles. This unit covers the properties of solids, liquids, and gases in terms of the behaviour of invisible particles of matter that interact at the atomic scale. [Classified G]

Science | Gases | Chemistry| Experiments | Atoms | Matter | Primary




Years of Living Dangerously – Uprising (s02e08) (National Geographic Channel)

America Ferrera meets activists in the US trying to shut down coal plants, while Sigourney Weaver investigates the impact that China’s pollution is having on the global environment. [Classified M]

News & Documentaries | People & Culture | Environmental Studies | Science | Climate Change | Global Warming | STEM | Secondary


The House With Annabel Crabb (s01e04) (ABC1 Channel)

Annabel steps into the intoxicating world of the Senate, presided over by Senate President Stephen Parry (a former cop and undertaker) and his Clerk Rosemary Laing, an expert in 17th-century British poetry. [Classified G]

News & Documentaries |Politics | Canberra | Australia | Australian History | Secondary


Soup Cans & Superstars (Arts Channel)

Alastair Sooke champions pop art as one of the most important art forms of the 20th-century, peeling back pops frothy, ironic surface to reveal an art style full of subversive wit and radical ideas. [Classified PG]

News & Documentaries | People & Culture | Arts | Secondary | Creativity


Catalyst – Closing In, The Hunt For Alien Life (ABC1 Channel)

Will we soon find evidence of alien life? Scientists are currently in the throes of an unprecedented search for ET – and an answer to this long-pondered question may come sooner than you think. [Classified G]

News & Documentaries |Science| Technologies | STEM| Space Science | Secondary


The Truth Behind – King Arthur (s01e05) (National Geographic Channel)

Camelot. The Round Table. Excalibur. Are these stories historical fact or ancient fiction? Experts debunk the tale of King Arthur, one of the world’s most popular and enduring legends. [Classified PG]

News & Documentaries | History | Iconic People| Secondary


The Handmaid’s Tale – Late (s01e03) (SBS Channel)

Offred visits Janine’s baby with Serena Joy and remembers the early days of the revolution before Gilead. Ofglen faces a difficult challenge. [Classified MA15+]

Drama |TV Series| Literature| Acting | Secondary


Dr Karl’s Outrageous Acts of Science (s01e10) (Discovery Channel)

Dr Karl Kruszelnicki uncovers the principles behind some mind-boggling experiments, extraordinary inventions and jaw dropping scientific stunts. [Classified PG]

| News & Documentaries | Science & Technology | Physics | Chemistry | STEM | Secondary




Starting Up, Starting Over (s01e04) (Lifestyle Channel)

Hani and Sarah are turning their backs on their comfortable suburban lives in South West London. The couple and their two young children move 100 miles up to the Malvern Hills. They are putting all their life savings into building their own Brewery to sell their own beer with no previous experience in the industry between them. [Classified PG]

Entertainment | Lifestyle & Documentaries | Jobs | Careers | Work Studies | Small Business | Business Studies | Marketing | Start Up | Secondary


Land Speed Heroes (s01e01) (Discovery Turbo Channel)

Get set for an action-packed hour as professional and amateur speed freaks try to set land speed records on Utah’s famous Bonneville Salt Flats. From hot rod-racing soccer mums to jaw-dropping streamliners and everything in between, get your kicks with these adrenaline junkies. [Classified PG]

News & Documentaries | Science & Technology | Technology | Design | Mechanics | Cars | STEM | Secondary




Enemy Of The Reich (History Channel)

In 1943, Noor Khan was recruited as a covert operative into Churchill’s Special Operations. Khan became the only radio operator linking the British to the French Resistance, co-ordinating the airdrop of weapons and rescue of agents. [Classified M]

News & Documentaries | History | Secondary


Rachel Hunter’s Tour Of Beauty – Hawaii (s02e05) (Lifestyle YOU Channel)

In Hawaii, Rachel learns that the Hawaiian secrets to health and beauty are intrinsically connected to nature. Oils, scrubs and flowers provide that Hawaiian glow. [Classified PG]

Entertainment | Lifestyle & Documentaries | Cultural Understanding | Mental Health | Health and PE | Self-Esteem | Self Care | Secondary




Brain Games – Animal Vs Human (s04e16) (National Geographic Channel)

It’s going to be heads versus tails as we pit humans against animals in a series of unique competitions. If you play along, you’ll find out how a bird can eat like a horse and how a chimp can make you look like a chump. [Classified PG]

News & Documentaries | Science & Technology | Science | Human Brain | The Human Body | Psychology | Secondary | Upper Primary


Graceful Girls (Arts Channel)

Primary school teacher Brianna Lee takes one last shot at fulfilling her lifelong dream, of winning Calisthenics’ most prestigious title, ‘Most Graceful Girl’. [Classified PG]

News & Documentaries | People & Culture | Arts | Performance Arts | Sports Training | Health and PE | Secondary | Upper Primary


Shark Tank – Investing and Entrepreneurship

Newsletters, SmartLessons, Video Highlights

Humanities and Social Sciences – Economics and Business

Curriculum Code: (ACHEK020)

Students understand how people derive an Alternative sources income.


Ask students to give you 10 different businesses that they use everyday. (E.G. apple, coles etc)


Shark Tank

Owning a business
Be your Own Boss

Choose a business case from each of the programs and ask students if they would invest/Start that business.

Divide class into business owners and investors. Give half different businesses with Financials, growth and details.
Give the other Half a portfolio of money and different businesses they own.
Use Shark Tank.doc to look at businesses and investors portfolios, you can use this list create your own or get your students to make up businesses.

Get students with businesses to find investment and investors to find a business that will be good for their portfolio.
Get students to discuss why they should be invested in or why they should accept the terms from the investor.
After get them to explain why they choose their partners.
Read out list of successful companies and the companies who failed. (Mix up the ones that didn’t get investment with those that did that were successful)

Stock Market Game

Christmas in July


Christmas in July is a Christmas celebration held in the month of July, the nature of which differs by hemisphere.

giphy (27)

The Grinch (2000)

giphy (32)



giphy (28)

Yogi’s First Christmas (1980)

Related image




Image result for A CHRISTMAS MELODY (2015)



giphy (26)

Adam Ruins Everything – Christmas

Image result for Adam Ruins Everything - Christmas

KRAMPUS (2015)

 josh freydkis GIF

Rude Tube – Christmas

Image result for Rude Tube

Now you’re ready for Christmas in July.

giphy (24)

We have over 100,000 resources on TV4education, so don’t forget to look up any topic you need on there

Free Educational Videos for the Classroom

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giphy (14)

Just like you, I enjoy a good freebie. So here are my top tips for finding free educational videos to use in the Australian classroom.


The most famous and most probably the largest video hosting website in the world.

YouTube is great, it has so many videos on there we can spend hours watching just one topic, whenever I have a problem either on the computer or in real life I can find a video that shows me what to do and this is the same with education and using videos in your classroom.

So like they said:

giphy (13)

But how much is it actually costing you in time? (our most precious resource) both personally and professionally to use youtube to find these videos? How do we know which video is good and which one demonstrates exactly what we are looking for?

Don’t despair, we have something pretty neat to help you.

Curated YouTube, from TV4Education our research team have gone through YouTube to find the best videos and matched them to the Australian Curriculum. This means you can do one search and find what’s relevant and actually good. Failing that you can search through the over 101 thousand videos on TV4Education from free to air and Foxtel.

So let’s help your staff save time and save you money by giving them all the best content in an easy to find, matched to the curriculum way.

Don’t forget you can find all the ATOM Lessons match with their accompanying multimedia here:

Image result for Australian Teachers of Media

Why we will never discount

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Strange huh? A company who tells you that they will never discount and we stand behind that 100%

giphy (12)

Our core principles are that all students deserve an education and therefore the price for our services are the most competitive in the market, so there will never be a need to.

We all love discounts and special offers, but how much do discounts actually cost us?


The biggest question is How will the recoup their lost revenue?

  • By charging me more next year?
  • Having some dodgy unethical fine print such as vendor lock-in?
  • Signing me up for 1 year but then bill me for 3 at a higher rate?
  • Have they been overcharging me for years?
  • Will they overcharge me in the future?
  • Am I getting a stripped down basic service?

All of these sales tactics have been used to target schools in Australia.


So how can we keep our prices so competitive and what is in the fine print of our contract?

We have no fine print or sales tactics, but this is what we do to keep our prices competitive.

  1. Spending money on improving our system not expensive marketing. Look at our SmartSuite system. A mix of artificial intelligence, weighted searching, multimedia and a myriad of lessons.
  2. Australian Owned and Operated – We don’t have a large overseas company siphoning off as much money as they can. We have a talented Australian Team.
  3. Every video on the system is ad-free – We don’t have to all of a sudden employ extra staff to edit videos after years of getting our clients to do the hard work for us.
  4. Small sales team – Our product sells itself.
  5. We own our own cloud, this means we are not paying for expensive storage and then passing this onto our customers.

Our service includes the largest collection of educational videos in Australia; over 100,000. A new state of the art widget-based system that allows you use the system your way.

Hundreds of lessons ready to use with multimedia to match. Teacher, student, and parent collaboration tools.

Give us a call now and find out if SmartSuite will fit into your school


Introducing SmartSuite Interview Series

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SmartSuite has an array of new and unique features which grow and evolve with your needs and within that of your school. Join us as we talk to industry leaders about their thoughts about the new system.

How did TV4Education begin?

The CEO Michael Fernandez tells us about the origin story of TV4Education and how it grew to the largest Educational Multimedia Provider in just 7 years. (Watch time 1:44)


Next, we are joined by James Dickinson from Screenrights.

Now if you do not know what Screenrights is this interview tells you why every school should and practically does have it. (Watch time 1:54)


So what exactly is SmartSuite? (Watch Time 3:24)

Here is a quick start up guide on some of the features you will find on it.

We speak to Jan Macnamara from John Paul College about her role as Director of ICT and her thoughts on how Digital Content is Changing Education. (Watch Time 1:43)

We are joined once again by our CEO who talks about how teachers benefit from and react to learning they have access to every channel available on Australian Television including all Foxtel. (Watch time 2:09)

Charles and Quentin discuss the benefits of current customers being activated on the system and all the features you could be missing out on. (Watch Time 5:00)

Jan Macnamara discusses Her preference of Cloud Vs Local and her thoughts on SmartSuite. (Watch Time 3:05)

And finally, the promises of our company going forward from our CEO (watch Time 2:09)

If you want to see all the new videos and want to know when we have an upcoming webinar session make sure you subscribe to the channel. We also release video tutorials of how to use and customize the system to work for you on a personal level and that of the school.

Now if you aren’t activated you won’t get those features so make sure you do.

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Anzac 2017



NITV Anzacs Remembering Our Heroes


100 Years Of Anzac The Spirit – Life In The Trenches


100 Years Of Anzac The Spirit Lives – Gallipoli


Anzac Girls – Adventure (s01e01)

For all 6 episodes click here

True stories of Australian and New Zealand nurses serving during World War I.

maxresdefault (7)

Gallipoli (s01e01)

For all 7 Episodes Click Here

Four young Australian boys join the military and are sent to Gallipoli.


Beneath Hill 60

During World War I a mining engineer (Brendan Cowell) and his team dig a network of tunnels beneath German lines and pack them with explosives.



Deadline Gallipoli

Three journalists, Charles Bean, Ellis Ashmead Bartlett and Phillip Schuler, arrive at Gallipoli with the invading British and Allied troops in 1915. They will report the war but are prevented from getting out the true story of an unfolding disaster. From encampment in Cairo to Anzac Cove to the evacuation, this is the story of journalists who will not accept that truth be the first casualty. This is the story of the men who will not shut up. The actions of these men will help change the course of the campaign, ensure that a strategic disaster becomes a legend of human heroism, and leave an impregnable mark on each of their lives. Part 2


Lest We Forget What The Commemoration Of WW1 And The Anzac Legend

All About Arts

Newsletters, Video Highlights

Budding Stars Of The Paris Opera Ballet – The New School Episode 1 of 6 shows us what it takes to be a star at the Paris Opera Ballet. The challenges the students face and how they get to the top of their discipline.


THE ADVENTURES OF MODERN ART – PICASSO AND HIS GANG What was Picasso like in his youth? The Adventures of Modern Art gives us an insight into how he became one of the worlds most famous and influential artists.


Ai Weiwei – Never Sorry Alison Klayman documents the life and work of Chinese artist and activist Ai Weiwei. She showcases his artistic process as he prepares for a museum exhibition, his relationships with family members and his clashes with the government.

Want to view the whole newsletter? CLICK HERE