Professional Development 27th Feb 2018


Are you using YouTube or educational videos in the classroom?

Does your school subscribe to a cloud service?

Is your school currently using the flipped classroom method?

Do you know all the rules around Copyright in regards to education?

If you answered yes to any of the questions this event will give you some hacks and tools to make the most of these great resources.

If you said no to any of them, register now as they have some great learning outcomes for your students and some pretty big consequences for your school.

At the end of each talk, we will be handing out a worksheet for you to take away. Armed with your new knowledge you can share what you have learned with your other team members.

  • 1. Are you using YouTube legally? We have found 70% of Teachers are not.

Downloading YouTube is not only illegal but infringes on a number copyright holders rights. We will show you how to use YouTube legally and how to report on its usage at your school.

  • 2. Is your student data safe and within the Education Departments rules?

Many cloud providers are not compliant with the strict rules of keeping student data safe, we will give you a checklist to ensure it is safe.

  • 3. Have you tried flipping the classroom and ended up flipping a desk?

The Flipped Classroom teaching style is amazing when it works, if you don’t have the tools to do it, it can get very frustrating for both staff and students.

This is a free event for educators, which will be held in Melbourne. Breakfast, tea, and coffee will be provided for all attendees.

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TV4Education – Training Series

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***The series will be broadcast on youtube live. Why? Everyone has access to youtube – even if your school blocks youtube you will be able to watch from home or on your own device. Our training videos will be short and sweet so this way you can be ready to watch straight away – without waiting for any apps or downloads to be able to view the session.

What it will cover and who should watch – Learn everything there is to know about the NEW TV4Education. Now in Smartsuite, TV4Education has more features and add ons than ever before – AND it’s easier to use. If you’re a Teacher, Library Team Member, IT, Head of Learning or Principal, this series is for you.

Register here for our training series. We will verify the school you are from and then you will be sent the links to the newest available training video.

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