The cost of doing business!


I have been in business for more than 28 years and nothing surprises me anymore.

I was just blackmailed by a customer (the principal of a Christian school to be exact) to comply with his requirements or he would go to his association list of principals and essentially dirty our company and our product name!

A very easy choice for us. We cancelled his service immediately and refuse to have any further dealings with him, his staff or his school.

Will it hurt us commercially?

I really don’t know? Unfortunately, you cannot control what people say or do. Unfortunately, if he proceeds down his intended blackmail path, we will not know and neither will we be afforded the right of reply.

The take away I have from this unfortunate saga is I will sleep well tonight knowing my staff respect me; and that matters a lot!

Biggest Flipped Classroom Questions


What is flipping your classroom?

A flipped classroom is an instructional strategy and a type of blended learning that reverses the traditional learning environment by delivering instructional content, often online, outside of the classroom. It moves activities, including those that may have traditionally been considered homework, into the classroom. In a flipped classroom, students watch online lectures, collaborate in online discussions, or carry out research at home while engaging in concepts in the classroom with the guidance of a mentor.

Is it really worth the effort?

Flipped classrooms see a 70% increase in passing rates. They allow teachers to see what areas students are struggling in and adjust their lessons to fix that.

How to start & how to find the right video?

Find out what topics you will be teaching and you can do one of two things:

Search through the videos or topics on TV4Education


Send the Video Learning Experts a request through AskMike and have a lesson put together for you.


These functions are only available on SmartSuite so make sure to upgrade if you are the few schools still using an older system

How to share the videos with your students?

Sharing lessons with your students is super simple.



Copy and paste the link and email it to the students.

How to know if they actually watched the videos?

It’s called reporting! You can create a report on student usage of lessons. You can save these print these off and even take them with you to parent-teacher interviews.


And during the lesson, you can see who is engaged.


How long should the videos be?

The length of videos depends on the topic and age of students, but with the video editor, you can annotate, combine multiple videos into one and keep the students engaged with new and exciting content.



What if my students don’t have internet access?

You can download any program from TV4Education and also print off the lessons and hand it out in paper form.



Yes we have thought of everything, SmartSuite runs on any smart device, if you can access Google, you can access SmartSuite. It is hosted in our own cloud, keeping all your student data safe.

Flipping the classroom can sound daunting, but with a little help and an amazing system to help you create, deliver and share a lesson. Your lesson prep time will be reduced, student engagement will be increased and you can track what areas need a little more time and attention.


You be the judge!


We believe in total openness and no agendas here at TV4Education & functional Solutions.

We believe if it cannot be put in writing and held accountable then don’t do it, don’t say it and if at all possible don’t even think it!

I am staggered at the increasing frequency prospects and sometimes clients ask “please don’t send it or communicate it to anyone else here, I am handling it” or “don’t communicate with anyone else, just me”.

Generally, in business, we like to keep it open and cc ALL decision makers and all interested parties to get everyone’s input on both sides.

Doing business for us is about partnerships where everyone is in the picture for the good of both organizations.

Without counsel, plans go awry,
But in the multitude of counselors they are established”.

A call to us for privacy sends up a red flag that there is another agenda going on here!

We have yet to be proved wrong!

Maybe we are just stuck in yesteryear and have not updated our business practices…. I don’t think so!

What about you?


My grandson (our first) is 18 months old and I just spent the weekend with him – it was not long enough!

If I had eternity with him, it would not be long enough. If you have not figured it out, I just love him and cannot figure out life without him.

To me, he’s just an amazing gift from God!

His arrival has caused me to totally rethink my whole value system.

I live to make myself accountable to always do “the right thing” to make the world better for the generations that come after me.

What about you?

What an opportunity!


Today I received 4 emails promising exclusive amazing opportunities to run a seminar for the education sector at some so-called big gig in NSW.

Yesterday I received 2 emails from the same mob inviting me to attend an amazing seminar in NSW by talented presenters.

Their email campaign for attendees and sponsors is relentless for at least six months of the year.

I did some mental maths of their entrance fees based on last years attendance plus sponsorship cost based on this years asking fees and I can’t help begging the questions: –

  1. Given the fees paid to presenters, was the information provided bought and therefore irrelevant because authoritative voices were excluded?
  2. Given the size of the sponsorship fees, were products and services promoted a true reflection of innovation or was it rather products and services of the financial elite.

What an opportunity, YES. But for who?

Is it really about education?

Keeping up with the Jones, Smiths, Johnsons and everyone else!


Why ?

Who was the nut that started this gig of competitive social behavior that belittles everyone and amazingly no one wins ( except just the suppliers )!

I am told its good to have something to strive for and strive to achieve.

The principal is great BUT who decides what and who the Jones are and why do we have to keep up with them anyway.

I have a friend who I will call my Jones. But was mortified to learn he will be losing his house and marriage because of debt. He was the picture of success and now so sad that internally he kept borrowing to keep up the façade.

Suppliers bait prospects with slogans like “everyone else is converting”,  “all the other schools have already installed” etc.

Generally, we never ever investigate these claims until after we commit only to find out it was misleading.

In any event, so what if everyone else ……

We are all created as individuals so let’s celebrate that.

The next time you hear “everyone else is ……”let us just take the time to stand still and say with genuine heartfelt honesty; “good on them” and be happy for them and save your money!

We define society, let not society define us.

Teacher tools, do we need them?


It would be great if there were 36 hours or more in a day to get done what needs to be done with all the demands placed on us with work, family, social etc.

Unfortunately, it’s never going to happen. Somethings got to give and usually, it is not just one thing but a bit of everything suffers.

If you are a teacher, let us at TV4Education get our team to do your research for you. Use “Ask Mike” to do your research and source world-class quality content for your teaching.

What we will guarantee is within 48 hours we will source world-class multimedia and lessons from the best of best educational content creators and providers to lessen your teaching workload.

That’s what we do and we love it!

Is it about research and how to do it?


Like it or not students in this digital and social media age are very proficient in doing their own research from food outlets, shopping, lifestyles, music and videos just to name a few.

We need to migrate our teaching from presenting facts, information and research to distinguishing truth from fiction and how to evaluate truth and misleading information.

It is stating the obvious.

No software or digital tool will fill this educational requirement contrary to claims made by software and product vendors peddling their own self-interest.

The only solution I believe is professional teachers dedicated to their calling encouraging students on embarking on their world of discovery!


Integrity at work and at home, does it really matter?


I have always taught my kids to let your “yes” be yes and your “no” be no.

Integrity is about doing, saying and standing up for the right thing.

It goes to the core value of what relationship and community are built on.

I get dismayed by claims made in the marketplace by companies about their services and products which is clearly made to deceive to obtain the sale at any cost.

giphy (1)

Does it really matter what is said, done and promised as long as the company continues to be viable and families of the employees have a roof over their head and food is on the table?

Integrity is an old fashion value that seems to be going out of style and demand.

A good example is the current Banking enquiry, The Enron oil leak, The Bitcoin marketplace.

When we lose integrity, we lose society and unfortunately it is not us but the generations that come after us that pay the price!

I believe it does matter and we all need to make a stand especially for the legacy we leave for those that come after us who have no say in the matter!

10 Eco-Friendly Movies from us


Want to teach your students about sustainability and the environment? Here is a list of 10 movies we have that you can use in class right now.

Over The Hedge

Image result for over the hedge


Image result for wall-e


Image result for hoot movie

Free Willy

Image result for free willy

Furry Vengeance

Image result for furry vengeance

March of The Penguins

Image result for march of the penguins

Spirit – Stallion of The Cimarron

Image result for Spirit - Stallion of The Cimarron

Dr Seuss The Lorax

Image result for Dr Seuss The Lorax

Ferngully – The Last Rainforest

Image result for ferngully the last rainforest

Happy Feet

Image result for happy feet


If you don’t currently have TV4Education please contact us today to see how you can have it in your school


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Health Class – Growing Up


We will talk about mental health, alcohol abuse, cyber bullying, sexting etc.

Topics that we need to discuss that sometimes can be difficult to bring up.

These topics are for more senior students, please view the videos and use your discretion for appropriateness before showing the programs to your students.

Mental Health:

Felicity’s Mental Mission

Image result for Felicitys Mental Mission

The Not So Secret Life Of The Manic Depressive – 10 Years On

Image result for The Not So Secret Life Of The Manic Depressive - 10 Years On

Alcohol and Substance abuse:

Ask The Doctor – Alcohol (s01e05)

Image result for ask the doctor sbs

Is Binge Drinking That Bad

Image result for Is Binge Drinking That Bad

How Safe Are My Drugs

Image result for How Safe Are My Drugs

Best Of Four Corners Rehab Inc

Image result for Best Of Four Corners Rehab Inc

Cyber Bullying:

Cyberhate Wth Tara Moss – In The Beginning 

Image result for Cyberhate With Tara Moss - In The Beginning

Bullied (Part 1 of 2)

Image result for bullied abc


Revenge Porn

No Cover Found